Release Notes

Version 8.5 (2/3/2020)

  • Updates to building editor to allow users to select specific months of operation per space asset allocation. Backwards compatible to support existing infrastructure of simple numeric months per year.
  • New B3Benchmarking public WebAPI service for providing benchmarks to external clients.
  • Pie chart detail popup window detailing breakdown by building type.
  • Historical Energy Star scores gathered, used in baseline reports.
  • Report generator updated to use square footage at end of baseline period for baseline reports.
  • Support for downloading of reports in PDF and DOCX format.
  • Fixes to peak demand reporting in Visualizations tab.
  • Support for new report widget 'BenchmarkChartGrayscale'.
  • Updates for ADA compliance.
  • Interval management tools ported to Control Center.
  • Nightly cache builder updated with tools to import interval data from devices.
  • Session ID removed from Control Center display.
  • Snapshot report PDFs vetted for proper PDF format.
  • Export to Excel updated to vet formulaic characters from output.
  • Bundling and minification of JavaScript package to speed up load-time.
  • Removal of global references to charts. Reuse of chart handlers to minimize memory usage.
  • Fix to Benchmarks tab for sites that have 12 non-synchronous complete months. Error message no longer shows when viewing prior period.
  • Mixed use water color lightened.
  • Fix to submeters not being acknowledged when reporting at the site level.
  • Meter editor updated to retain peak demand and demand charges after toggling peak column checkbox.
  • Renewable meter Credit column renamed to 'Subscription Adjustment', supports both positive and negative entries.
  • Peak demand and demand cost columns allowed for renewable meters.
  • Peak demand added to monthly and annual Excel exports when applicable.
  • Updates to meter editor to not allow negative numbers in the peak demand and demand cost fields.
  • Fix to Site Delete method to clean out Meter Building connections before deletion.
  • Fix to Sector drop down in Control Center Organization editor.
  • Iowa registration form updated to include Private sector text entry, and waiting panel upon form submission.
  • Fix to new meter editor when creating interval meters.
  • Bug fixed causing native unit data to graph forward in time when baselining/actual weather normalization.
  • Fix to Organization-level Baseline tab to no longer acknowledge selected energy source type from another tab.

Version 8.4.1 (12/16/2019)

  • Override functionality in Report Templates to use baseline period instead of automatic best 12 period
  • Iowa public report updated to support reporting on Municipal utility companies
  • Fix to energy source usage reporting pie chart to include all energy sources within organization
  • Updates to support ADA compliance (delete column width, chart export drop down menu)
  • Fix to Excel export empty year values in monthly and annual drop downs
  • Archived energy documents no longer available for guest accounts
  • Annual kBtu/SF/Year Excel export year formatted updated
  • Fix to errant site load after Energy Star score update request
  • Improvement plan popup help no longer locked out from hitting Close button

Version 8.4 (11/14/2019)

  • Advanced functionality for managing renewable energy sources (PV and Wind). Specification of energy generation (Onsite/Offsite), REC Ownership (Owned/Sold) and support for additional meter reading columns to track consumption exported offsite and subscription credits.
  • New options in the Visualizations tab to report on renewable energy production and net energy used.
  • Improvements to end-use outlier identification and weather normalization algorithm. New data quality metric to represent correlation between weather signatures and actual data.
  • Support for ENERGY STAR Web Services v13. REC ownership designation transferred to web service.
  • Revamp of exception handling, logging and notifications. Enhanced trapping at both the client and server level.
  • Export to Excel window rewritten and ported to the B3 application proper. Progress bar halted when export is complete.
  • Baseline period selector rewritten and ported to the B3 application proper. ADA compliant.
  • Weather station selector rewritten and ported to the B3 application proper. ADA compliant.
  • Weather data import engine upgraded to use new NOAA web service v2.0.
  • Improvement program link checker and weather data import engine migrated from CacheBuilder to Framework. Control Center updated to initiate those processes.
  • New global stats data. Reporting tool available in the Global Admin.
  • General interface enhancements to support ADA compliance.
  • Support for Reports tab in water mode.
  • Update to meter editor to check the 'Not connected' checkbox for meters associated to non-buildings.
  • Water meters connected to other sites in the organization show the proper 'Connected To' number.
  • Export to Excel suppressed for users with Guest access.
  • Fixes to water mode to display current connection count when connecting to water meters outside of the site, and inclusion of disconnected water meters.
  • Revamp to Visualization models to enhance exporting of CSV data.
  • Support for Sector designation at Client and Organization level. Organization level sector inherits from Client.
  • Portals switched from using the AverageDaysOverdue metric to the new DaysSinceCurrentTo.
  • Web.config and app.config transforms for Atomic demo and Atomic prod.
  • Update to CSS content-box setting, allowing proper bootstrap layout.
  • Updates to diagnostics page to test TWGIdentity and return response.
  • Google Map key consolidation.
  • Upgrade to latest jQuery 3.4.1.
  • All cookies marked secure.
  • Corrections to annual cost calculations to include transport charges.
  • Fix to P12 report consumption by fuel source table to include all energy source types.

Version 8.3.1 (9/10/2019)

  • Report Snapshots - allows users to save and archive PDF reports
  • Meter Search tool supports searching by meter name and meter type (meter/interval)
  • ADA compliance updates
  • Allow branded portals to opt-out of the Request-Access page
  • Update to Cache Builder to only update MeterMonthlyCache table for records that are > 3 months old
  • Update to Cache Builder Report Items to only write records when changed
  • Fix to Iowa portal content editor domain block
  • Fix to Energy Star score gathering for wastewater treatment plants with null AnnualConsumption
  • ASHRAE protocol version label added to organization editor
  • Reorder of IA portal menus and sub menus
  • Global audit log manager with export capabilities. Ability to export individual audit logs
  • More info about audit logs – inclusion of site name
  • New Domain Settings section in Control Center, read only
  • Fixes to mass upload manager to handle new column names, energy star score calculations

Version 8.3 (7/21/2019)

  • New end-use breakdown in the Improvements tab. Displays consumption and potential savings by end-use (heating, cooling, base load). Uses an all new weather normalization algorithm to determine end-use based on existing consumption and weather.
  • Redesigned organization summary with panels for completeness, freshness and building type breakdowns
  • New data freshness property 'Days/Months/Years Since Meter Current To' used throughout the site and exports
  • New organization editor Defaults tab. Allows users to specify default meter reading columns at the organization level which are applied when adding new meters.
  • Users allowed to exclude sites from completeness/freshness metrics in the site editor
  • Improvement plan support at the site level
  • Updates to new meter windows to gather column selections and consumption units
  • Meter editor unit specification and utility notes moved to Options tab
  • Meter editor allows gap and overlap warnings to be ignored prior to a specified point in time
  • Terminology change from Contiguous to Continuous in terms of meter readings
  • Comments field enlarged in Meter Editor
  • Support for numerous new PDF report widgets, including water report widgets
  • New Excel export for defined duration comparisons
  • Zendesk support messaging system added to MN and IA portals
  • All references of Weidt Group and TWG changed to Willdan
  • Cleanup and standardization to Organization ID and Site ID in all Excel exports
  • New features and functionality to support ADA compliance
  • Mass import template Meter Readings tab updated to 'Energy Charge' instead of 'Total Charge'
  • Bug fix in Meter editor admin tab when switching a meter from utility to interval and back again
  • Fix to water meters connected to external sites. Water consumption now properly being shown in Baseline and Visualizations tab.
  • Peak Demand table headers corrected to kW in meter editor and import meter wizard
  • Export to CSV support on all charts
  • Iowa registration form updated to allow submission without buildings, and request for training
  • Standardization of unit descriptions in database

Version 8.2.1 (5/22/2019)

  • Numerous updates for accessibility mode
  • New report and supporting report widgets for NYSERDA
  • Update to logic to include newer sites in baseline comparisons. Includes sites that were incomplete in the the baseline period
  • Switch to new NOAA weather service
  • Meter reading wizard files no longer logged in audit trail
  • Updated Accessibility mode toggle switch in branded portal header
  • Removal of empty kendo tooltip from map
  • Decommissioned buildings indicated as such in the navigation tree
  • Visualizations tab water summary table kGal entries expanded to two decimal places
  • Fix to double counting of peers
  • Fix to meter readings export to Excel crash with sewer meters
  • ExceptionHandler page added to MinnState portal
  • Tree selection persistance in Control Center
  • New Control Center landing dashboard
  • Date selector in Control Center Session Manager
  • Branded portal Reports footer updated to include custom email and phone if specified
  • Fix to Visualizations tab site count x of y
  • Fix to unclosed memory stream in portal GetImage logic
  • Building Version field added to custom export
  • Fix to meter editor to not blank out PortfolioManagerID and MeterSourceType for non-admins
  • Update to MinnState Portal to report in 2018
  • Fix to GetUtilityCompaniesByIndividual to return proper utilities for user roles assigned by utility
  • Update to TWGIdentity v1.0.21 to support only active security questions

Version 8.2 (3/25/2019)

  • Improvements and simplification to Water Mode. Support for sewer and stormwater fee columns instead of separate meters.
  • Updated search tool for finding organizations, sites and buildings within the navigation tree
  • Admin tool for consolidating legacy sewer and stormwater fee meters into standard water meters
  • Support for water targets
  • New instructional videos
  • Consolidation of all Excel export functionality to centralized engine
  • Updates to meter reading import wizard to standardize water meter imports
  • Advanced metrics for audit change logs and audit management tools
  • New 'Save' button added to Meter Editor to allow changes to be committed without closing the window
  • New Excel export report for Events

Version 8.1 (2/5/2019)

  • Support for electric-only or gas-only benchmark ratings when applicable
  • Numerous new report widgets and report templates
  • Movable splitter control separating the navigation tree and body
  • Security updates
  • New custom imports for MSUM, We Energies and WPS
  • Updated messaging and functionality to handle ENERGY STAR Web Services outages due to government shutdown
  • New reporting options at the org and site level for Public, Anonymous and Hidden
  • Export to Excel monthly export options support for start and end dates

Version 8.0 (12/12/2018)

  • ADA WCAG 2.0 compliance
  • Performance boost to the analysis engine and building editor
  • Support for ethanol meters
  • Improvements to Print functionality
  • Support for walk-in coolers and freezers in advanced benchmark mode
  • Support for historical benchmarks across building versions
  • New global application menu
  • Ability to specify ASHRAE protocols for benchmarks by client
  • Update to peer comparison algorithm to support multiple protocols
  • Target editor updated to display 12-month ranges for baseline period
  • Stepped targeting algorithm update to step after the baseline period and reach the target by the start of the achieve period
  • Uploaded meter reading wizard files stored in the audit log
  • Asset management in the Global Admin tool
  • Report templates moved into database. New check-in/check-out system added to Global Admin
  • Updates to IA registration form. Fully automated, warning on organizations already in the system

Version 7.7 (10/16/2018)

  • Support for Improvement Plans at the Utility Company and Custom Attribute grouping level
  • Improvement Plan management moved to Site level
  • Ability to assign user rights by Utility Company and Custom Attribute
  • Diagramming of sub meter relationships
  • Selected organization/site retained after timed out sessions
  • New user privilege for Control Center, allowing limited access to users other than administrators
  • Gap/overlap warnings display when applicable, regardless of time-period
  • Instance banners added to all portals to clearly mark dev, demo and QA versions
  • New public school PDF report
  • Public registration form for Iowa portal
  • Show Events checkbox defaulted to on
  • Upgrade to latest versions of all third party libraries

Version 7.6 (8/27/2018)

  • Versioning of CO2e factors
  • Updated ENERGY STAR scores and web service connections
  • Session timeout countdown warning
  • Support for custom home page content for branded portal domains
  • Support for branded portal domains to localize their peer pool
  • Ability for clients to opt out of peer pool
  • Interval meter wizard export includes up to 10,000 editable rows
  • Update to completeness calculations for partial years

Version 7.5 (7/5/2018)

  • Custom Excel Exports with the ability to create, save and retrieve custom export formats
  • New Reports tab and PDF reporting functionality - initial support for 4 PDF reports
  • Interval Meter support - users can create interval meters and import/export interval data
  • Support for daily interval readings
  • Support for cumulative interval meter readings
  • Thermal Renewable grouping functionality in baseline and Visualizations tab
  • New military building types for armory, barracks, vehicle repair, vehicle storage and aviation storage
  • Updates to new meter dialog with frequency specification, thermal renewable offset specification, and cumulative meters
  • Integration with API updated to use their new REST web service
  • Meter reading import wizard support for exporting of errors and warnings to Excel
  • Export to Excel annual consumption includes footnote when weather normalizing
  • All references to CO2 clarified to be CO2e
  • Fix to baseline weather normalization calculations for non-buildings

Version 7.4.2 (6/9/2018)

  • Water ENERGY STAR scores for multifamily buildings
  • Support for stepped targets with achieve dates
  • Reports tab renamed to Visualizations
  • Meter search by comments
  • Building Editor invoked as inline popup window
  • Building Editor summary tab redesign
  • Building Editor image upload no longer persists images to disk
  • Meter reading import wizard support for exporting of errors and warnings to Excel
  • Fixes to export to Excel concerning extra columns and alignment
  • Google Maps API reference set to 3.31 instead of 3.x
  • MN potential savings tables row id's updated to properly work at Atomic
  • Fix to benchmark site level for sites that don't have 12 months of complete data. Graph now plots the consumption they have
  • Baseline period allowed to be set for parent organizations in the Visualizations tab
  • B3 Newsletter manager in Control Center to manage content and sending of newsletter
  • New Global Admin tool, separated out from the Control Center
  • BrandedPortal support across all the domains
  • New Unhandled Exceptions manager in the Control Center
  • Improvement Programs include support for website field, and monitor in the nightly Cache Builder

Version 7.4.1 (4/12/2018)

  • Weather station data quality rules updated to look at the last 10 years of monthly data, and only activate stations with 98% complete readings or higher.
  • B3 Cache builder updated to automatically re-assign weather stations that are no longer active
  • Control Center weather station manager updated to include a column for number of missing readings. Weather Station editor updated to highlight missing months
  • TLS 1.2 directive added to B3 Components Startup
  • Fix to water reporting (All Potable Meters) selection to include meter combo box when selected
  • MN RADS Report export to Excel now includes baseline columns for 2016 and 2017.
  • Update to weather normalization actual algorithm to skip normalization for months resulting in 0 consumption where the unnormalized values was not 0 and vice-versa.

Version 7.4 (4/1/2018)

  • All new weather system for gathering monthly average temperatures from stations across North America. Used in weather normalization algorithms.
  • Reassignment to nearest weather station for all active sites.
  • Default baseline comparison switched from Normalize Baseline to Normalize Actual.
  • Performance boost in baseline weather normalization calculations.
  • Export to Excel monthly and annual consumption exports include selections for weather normalization method.
  • Baseline Export to Excel honors the selected scope – By Organization/By Site.
  • Fixes to water sub-meter functionality to handle water meters sub-metered to other water meter types.
  • Reports tab option to select a specific meter always visible when reporting at the Site level.
  • Bug fix in Normalize Baseline routine for buildings with multiple versions. Baseline period now properly acknowledges a change in version
  • Weather station selector updated to no longer list data quality score. Only high quality weather stations are used now.
  • New algorithm for determining 'active' weather stations. B3 gathers data on some 9000+ stations, but only deems them as 'active' if they are reporting on 99% of the data points in the last 15 years starting 6 months back.
  • New warning built into the messaging system when a site is referencing a weather station no longer deemed “active”.
  • Weather importing routine moved into the B3CacheBuilder.
  • Fixes to ENERGY STAR web service integration to better handle multi-family housing and water meters measured in hundred gallons.
  • Control Center weather station manager updated to handle new stations and new data, plus weather station searchability.
  • Weather data import routine imports HeatingDegreeDays, CoolingDegreeDays and station elevation.
  • Control Center includes functionality to clear out users' security questions.
  • New custom import routine for MIT.
  • New custom import routine for Met Council.
  • Custom import for City of Warren.
  • SSL security protocol wired to use TLS 2.0.
  • Updated cache-control meta tag.
  • Fix to Baseline tab gauge header labels to properly detail person normalization with /person.
  • Reports tab annual summary table includes column for People when person normalizing.
  • Fix in water mode to no longer show red triangle warning about no data for buildings that have meters connected from other sites.
  • Fix to MinnState quarterly report, null crash error.
  • Decommissioned sites now show up with their most recent baseline comparison. They used to display with a gray triangle. Necessary, because decommissioned sites are included in org-level baseline reports when reporting on each site’s baseline period.
  • Best12MonthPeriod function updated to better handle decommissioned sites.
  • Update to IntervalMeterManager to handle ERP's new web service signature.
  • BBC Export (Better Building Challenge) updated to report on 2017
  • Fix to organization-level potential savings calculations. Was using the organization's best 12 month period instead of each sites' period.
  • Reports tab annual consumption percent complete calculation updated to use same calculation as the application.
  • AutoComplete disabled for security questions in all portals.

Version 7.3.1 (2/19/2018)

  • Support for water submeters

Version 7.3 (2/7/2018)

  • Incorporation of interval meter reading data into benchmarks, peer comparisons and baselines
  • Enhanced reporting tools for interval meter readings
  • Ability to mark a sub meter to another sub meter
  • Faster application load-up
  • Upgrade to latest Excel toolkit version

Version 7.2.2 (1/15/2018)

  • Branded portal deactivation functionality added to Control Center
  • Removal of weather normalization functionality in water mode
  • People column added to reporting on tables
  • Sewer meters included in completeness calculations
  • Group by building type filter correction
  • CacheBuilder updated to disable expired users
  • Fix to kitchen space asset type refrigeration defaults in advanced mode

Version 7.2.1 (11/29/2017)

  • Support for Electric Total reporting at Benchmark, Baseline and Reporting level. Electric Total calculated as the summation of electric + PV + Wind.

Version 7.2 (11/13/2017)

  • Enhanced security requirements
  • Username & password synchronization across the entire family of B3 applications
  • Global peers
  • Geolocation tracking of County
  • Peak demand and demand cost integration between B3 and ENERGY STAR
  • Submeter calculation correction
  • Wastewater treatment plant scores suppressed for aerated ponds, non-aerated ponds and other treatment low energy plans

Version 7.1 (8/9/2017)

  • New Diagram view supported at the Site level.
  • Map view support at the Site level (in addition to Organization level).
  • New toggle switches for controlling the various views – Table View, Map View, Diagram View.
  • New toggle switch design for showing/hiding decommissioned sites.
  • CurrentTo column added to benchmark by year Excel exports.
  • Mass Import tool updated to generate a mass import template for a given state. Populates with relevant utility companies.
  • Event stick pins icons created for the renewable energy source types.
  • 80/20 improvement rule updated to include sites up to 80%.
  • Bug fix when reporting on benchmark, all energy source types, native units for buildings with only one energy source type. Actual consumption was properly converting to native, benchmark was not.

Version 7.0 (6/13/2017)

  • Improvement Plan – lets users prioritize sites they wish to target for improvements and monitor savings
  • Event Comparison Reporting
  • Person Normalization
  • Baseline weather normalization support at the organization level
  • Export to Excel more responsive to the filters chosen in the app (normalization, weather normalization, energy source type)
  • Archived Energy Documents can be managed at both the site and organization level
  • Security updates with tighter password requirements and recovery operations
  • Benchmark modeling engine updated to latest WeidtSIM version
  • Xcel Integration Wizard supports full e-commerce capabilities
  • Additional reporting options for wastewater treatment plants –Plant flow normalization and BOD Removed normalization in Baseline tab

Version 6.6 (12/21/2016)

  • Support for wastewater treatment plants
  • Expansion of wastewater treatment plant ENERGY STAR scores for plants operating at less than 0.6 MGD
  • Support for three renewable meter types - PV Renewable, Wind Renewable and Thermal Renewable
  • New meter type 'Flow Meter' with input values for flow rate, influent BOD and effluent BOD
  • Specific meter reporting for interval meters
  • New Ratio column in Reports tab when viewing a Benchmark comparison
  • Meter reading import wizard support when grouped by attribute
  • Import capabilities for EnergyCAP's BL23A export

Version 6.5 (9/21/2016)

  • Building level metrics at benchmark, baseline and reporting level
  • Building metrics acknowledge meter-to-building connections
  • New meter-level warning issued for meters not connected to any buildings
  • Override flag introduced to allow meters to be marked as not connected to any buildings
  • Potential savings calculation modified to summate the potential savings for each building at each energy source type
  • New 'Reporting On' panels in Benchmark and Baseline tabs to display relevant buildings and meters
  • Redesigned meter editor with new Connections tab
  • Meters allowed to be assigned to other organizations and sites in Meter Editor
  • New Admin tab in Meter Editor for administrative controls
  • Updated icons for multi-building sites, single building sites, non-buildings and decommissioned buildings
  • Meter reading import wizard supports updates to existing readings as well as new readings
  • Updated search engine
  • ENERGY STAR connection wizard allows import start date to be specified
  • Fix to interval meter square foot normalization calculations and completeness percentages
  • Fix to peer comparison tab to update chart and metrics when toggling between comparison selection

Version 6.4 (8/13/2016)

  • Support for Events - custom markers in all graphs to denote changes in buildings, operation and meters
  • Update to WeidtSIM engine version 2.6
  • Fix when selecting a site or org greater than 4 levels deep on the navigation tree.
  • Fix to (Unassigned) node when grouping by attribute
  • Correction to summer quarterly reports
  • Update to % Complete column in Report summary table
  • Parent organization name included in site detail heading
  • Meter editor consumption field max length expanded to 15 characters
  • Fix to organization date created field initialization
  • Notification added to meter editor for meters that are linked to ENERGY STAR
  • Bug fix to building count display

Version 6.3.1 (4/5/2016)

  • Update to ENERGY STAR web service signature
  • Fix to building and meter count when toggling decommissioned/disconnected checkboxes
  • Update to MNSCU quarterly report to use weather normalize actual to baseline weather method
  • Fix to GetRoles stored procedure to better handle client-level rights
  • Annual summary report moved to general 'Export To Excel' window
  • New export to Excel option for annual consumption data and annual consumption data by site

Version 6.3.0 (3/27/2016)

  • Support for cascading parent/child relationships across organizations, and multilevel inheritance for rights, addresses and baselines.
  • New Client concept. Reassignment of many private and other sector organizations to designated clients.
  • New State Agency baseline reporting in public reports
  • Revamp of individual roles and privileges to multilevel organization tiers
  • Updated Iowa branded portal design and content
  • Inclusion of 'Sign Out' link on main master page header
  • Fix to organization editor to no longer reset data owner when opening as non-admin
  • Open air parking lots no longer assumed to include supplemental heating when exporting to Energy Star
  • Weather normalization routine limits returning buildings and meters based on method and sf normalization selection
  • Reports tab updated to include percent complete and up/down percent change designation

Version 6.2.0 (2/26/2016)

  • Supporting websites redesign. Update to layout, content, structure, mobile-friendliness
  • Login process standardized onto Launch page
  • AM Charts updated to latest version. Reports tab code updated to reuse single instance of the Chart variable
  • Weather normalization option removed from rolling average report
  • Potential savings calculation updated to only include when consumption and dollars are over threshold
  • New Site/Building/Meter import engine updated to support importing of mass meter readings
  • Building and Meter counts updated to reflect shared buildings and shared meters
  • Branded portal supports custom address, phone, email, background color

Version 6.1.2 (2/2/2016)

  • Disconnected sites, buildings and meters separated out in Summary tab, not included in completeness stats
  • Ability to assign individuals to specific branded portals. Welcome email URL references portal address
  • Fix to actual water consumption column in export to Excel
  • Stacked tooltips in Reports tab

Version 6.1.1 (1/30/2016)

  • New 'Group By Utility Company' functionality
  • Updated eGRID carbon emission factors
  • Rerunning of all B3 Benchmarks
  • Fix to Excel export wizard focused cell when no meter readings entered
  • Correction to water mode baseline tab actual column and baseline change column
  • Reports tab 'Reporting on' label changed to associated meters rather than connect to meters

Version 6.1.0 (1/19/2016)

  • Greatly improved support for printing
  • New functionality to save graphs out to PNG and JPG format
  • Inclusion of benchmark reporting at the composite level – reports only benchmark-complete sites
  • Update to baseline reports at the composite level - reports only on baseline-complete sites
  • New EUI report
  • Inclusion of site counts in ‘Reporting On’ label
  • Support for latitude and longitude coordinates for non-buildings & weather station selection
  • All grids allow columns to be resized
  • Update to summary count table to properly accommodate decommissioned sites
  • Fix to benchmark calculations using domestic hot water

Version 6.0.8 (1/10/2016)

  • Updates to Excel export to better match on-screen layout
  • Meter editor 'Peak Demand' column header units now populated for all energy source types
  • Correction to chilled water emission calculation

Version 6.0.7 (1/6/2016)

  • Collection of TMY weather data for all weather stations
  • Removal of Benchmark comparison in Reports tab when viewing anything other than a site
  • Fix to square foot normalization in Reports tab for interval meters
  • Export to Excel file names given unique time stamp
  • Fix to site counts when toggling between decommissioned sites
  • Correction to report summary end dates

Version 6.0.6 (1/3/2016)

  • Removal of legacy Silverlight application
  • Baseline period selector now displays confidence percentage instead of number of meters completed
  • Updates to RADS report to show benchmark completeness, and better match of EUI and Dollars/SF
  • Updates to password reset functionality to hide inputs when reset key is expired
  • Group by utility functionality complete
  • Locked header row in exported Excel worksheets

Version 6.0.5 (12/23/2015)

  • Locked table headers in meter editor
  • Updates to RADS report benchmarks to match application

Version 6.0.4 (12/20/2015)

  • Site Summary tab's four metrics boxes always visible (not hidden during errors)
  • ESPM web services signature updated to latest version
  • Group by utility company benchmarks updated to reflect selected utility company only
  • Bug fix to interval meter calculations
  • Fix to ESPM score gathering for sites with data centers
  • Meter cache cleared after import from ESPM

Version 6.0.3 (12/4/2015)

  • Fix to RADS report complete SF and complete meters for state agencies
  • Updates to more conversion factors to match ESPM
  • Control Center meters sort by functionality
  • Control Center filter users by administrator
  • Fix to Benchmarking tab javascript error. Caused chart to not render in IE9 or IE10
  • Search placeholder term in search text box changed to be compatible with IE9 and IE10

Version 6.0.2 (11/29/2015)

  • Support for natural gas units in kcf. Existing meters defined in mcf converted to kcf.
  • Natural gas kBtu conversion factors changed from 1029 to 1026 to match ENERGY STAR
  • Report tab bug fix when comparing to benchmark, all energy source types
  • Fix to seasonal report generator

Version 6.0.1 (11/20/2015)

  • Support for specific meter selection in Reports tab
  • Meter Editor no longer defaults a new blank meter reading for new meters
  • Meter editor cursor focus defaults to newest entry instead of oldest
  • RADS reporting completeness changed to general-complete instead of benchmark-complete
  • Fix to quarterly report generator dates
  • Export to Excel window Cancel button renamed to Close when submitted
  • Days Overdue renamed to Days Old on Summary tab

Version 6.0.0 (11/14/2015)

  • Redesigned and redeveloped in HTML5
  • Compatible with most modern web browsers and tablet devices
  • Optimized service and data layer for faster performance
  • Integration with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager to automatically import ESPM data on an ongoing basis
  • Month and year navigation in benchmark and baseline graphs
  • Advancements in reporting:
    • Weather normalization options for baseline-to-actual and actual-to-baseline
    • Peak demand reporting
    • Square footage report
    • Month and year duration settings
    • Outside air temperature plotting
    • Comparison reporting on benchmark
    • Smarter report templates
    • Listing of reported buildings and meters at all levels
    • Reports tab available in all tree groupings
  • Detailed reasons displayed when ENERGY STAR cannot provide a score
  • Integrated Google map reporting
  • Ability to show/hide disconnected meters and decommissioned buildings
  • Potential savings dollar calculations updated to use actual costs
  • Support for additional meter unit types

v5.1 (5/17/2015)

  • Advanced Benchmarking

v5.0 (2/16/2015)

  • B3 Benchmarking now uses WeidtSIM®; for all building modeling to calculate a basic benchmark. Advanced benchmarking coming soon in version 5.1
  • Minnesota benchmarks upgraded to the ASHRAE 90.1 2010 standard
  • Buildings now recognized with both a primary building type and collection of space allocation types (SATs)
  • Support for over 70 buildings types, each driven by The WeidtSIM Typical Building Template System v2.0.
  • Graphical benchmark reporting by month
  • Benchmark filtering by energy source type and specified 12 month consumption period to compare against
  • Baseline controls to normalize baseline consumption to actual weather, or, conversely actual consumption normalized to baseline period weather
  • Baseline time period filtering for both actual consumption period and baseline consumption period
  • Peer comparison controls to compare buildings by space allocation types, or by building type
  • Enhanced integration with ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager
  • Redesigned B3 MN supporting site with responsive design for tablet and mobile devices
  • New content pages in the MN support site – What is B3, features & benefits, testimonials, new case studies
  • Better support for non-building energy consumers with physical address specification
  • Support for sites with energy meters only (no water meters) and water meters only (no energy meters)

v4.5 (9/12/2014)

  • Support for sub meters
  • Branded portals
  • Automated seasonal reports
  • New ENERGY STAR space type support

v4.4 (5/1/2014)

  • New RADS (Rating and Disclosure System) Report
  • Support for sector and site-level privileges

v4.3 (4/20/2014)

  • Support for national utility rates
  • National e-Grid sub regions and carbon factors

v4.2 (3/10/2014)

  • Quarterly reports
  • Improvement programs (Improvements tab)
  • Archived energy documents (Improvements tab)
  • Branded portals
  • Support for organizations without sites
  • Completeness reporting

v4.1 (1/27/2014)

  • Meter reading import wizard
  • New organization editor and site editor
  • Cost avoidance report
  • Initial support for import from Energy Star Portfolio Manager

v4.0 (12/20/2013)

  • Redesigned user interface
  • Support for building images
  • Search by organization or site, with highlighted search results
  • Performance boost
  • Support for monthly weather data from over 2,000 weather stations across the continental US
  • Weather station selection in baseline tab
  • Revamped baseline tab with 12 month display
  • Bing map display in building editor, general tab
  • Print support from every folder tab
  • New freshness rating on summary tab
  • Simplified view and editing controls for single-building sites
  • Support for interval meter data
  • Tighter integration with Energy Star Portfolio Manager data

v3.5 (8/6/2013)

  • Water meters

v3.4 (2/19/2013)

  • Performance boost

v3.3 (12/5/2012)

  • Meter-level reporting

v3.2 (10/13/2012)

  • Public reports - general statistics, potential savings and data completeness.
  • Integration with Google maps. Metric reporting by mapped location.
  • Support for renewable energy source types.
  • Event reporting - building occupancy, building versions and target achieve dates.
  • Tooltip display options
  • Support for building and target descriptions

v3.1 (5/19/2012)

  • Removal of export privilege
  • New columns in the organization view - first reading date, last reading date
  • Export to Excel capabilities allowed in group by views

v3.0 (2/20/2012) 

  • Redesigned Interface. Streamlined for common tasks and standardized amongst all tabs and windows. Updated help and tooltips throughout the application.
  • Peer Comparison. New metric displays how a site is performing compared to peer sites of similar space usage
  • Summary Tab. New Summary tab displays organization and site status in terms of data being complete, correct, current and contiguous.  Site summary displays all four metrics together - benchmark, peer comparison, ENERGY STAR and baseline.
  • Add New Buildings & Sites. Add buildings and sites within the application. No longer needed to use a request form.
  • Export To Excel. Context-sensitive export links throughout the application. New exports include buildings, building space usages, meters, meter readings, and monthly consumption.
  • Advanced Meter Search. New advanced meter search tool allows you to quickly find meters using a variety of full or partial search parameters.
  • All Organization View. New high-level organizational view with navigation to specific organizations and sites.
  • Faster. Internal calculations and load times are more efficient. Group-by operations are streamlined for speed. Large datasets are summarized for efficiency.

v2.8 (1/7/2012)

  • Faster. Upgraded hardware and improvements to the software framework have sped up the B3 system significantly.
  • Custom Targets. Targets are used to establish quantifiable consumption goals for your organizations and sites. You can now define your own custom targets - relative targets against a baseline period, and absolute targets against a set of simulated monthly consumption.
  • Rolling Twelve Month Average. B3 reporting now includes a new chart type to display a rolling 12 month average over time for all fuel types.
  • Improved Reporting.The reporting tab allows users to control the visibility of weather normalization, baselines and targets. Custom report options are retained when viewing other organizations and sites.
  • Natural Gas Units.Therms have been separated from CCF as a separate unit selection. For users with natural gas meters, please review your specified units and adjust if necessary.
  • Conversion Factors.We have made minor modifications of our internal energy unit conversion factors to match that of industry standards.
  • Security Updates.The site now operates under SSL. Improvements have been made in password policies and caching.

v2.7 (9/24/2011)

  • Baseline definitions allowed at both the organization and site level
  • Baseline granularity expanded to month and year specification
  • Updated baseline period selection editor
  • New 'Program' custom attribute and reporting capabilities
  • Custom report configurations retain selections between clicks
  • Ability to specify separate transport charges from energy charges

v2.6.1 (8/23/2011)

  • CO2 factors updated to use latest Climate Registry data
  • CO2 numeric values formatted to show 2 significant digits
  • Custom attributes added to Excel exports
  • Locked building bug fixed - now allows Save button to be clicked when locked
  • B3 Control Center now allows meter to be added

v2.6 (6/29/2011)

  • Grouping – Ability to assign custom group attributes to organizations and sites and report on them collectively
  • Space Type Descriptions – Online help with detailed descriptions of each space type
  • Annual Summary Report – ability to report on sites as well as organizations
  • Mapping – building linkage to Google Maps
  • Operation Period – updated to allow decimal precision
  • Negative consumption values allowed in meter editor – First step towards implementation of renewable meters
  • Revamped new building and new contact request forms

v2.5 (2/21/2011)

  • Energy Star ratings
  • Building versioning
  • Introduction of the B3 Control Center for site administrators
  • New benchmarking engine and calculation subsystem
  • Enhanced interface for viewing benchmark, baseline and Energy Star data both at the organization and site levels
  • Enhanced messaging system, including the separation of benchmark, baseline and Energy Star errors and warnings
  • New tabbed building editor for the inclusion of building versioning and Energy Star attributes
  • Change to launch methodology, including separate launch page
  • Aged meter reading email alert system
  • Account editor, allowing users to change personal information
  • Email template system
  • Real-time statistics on supporting site

v2.2 (11/17/2010)

  • B3 Benchmarking application upgraded to Silverlight 4.0 and the 4.0 .NET Framework
  • Print capabilities from all report screens
  • Print preview, including the ability to save a report out as a graphic png format
  • Monthly data export report with weather data from total energy dashboard

v2.1.5 (10/7/2010)

  • Support for wood fuel sources
  • Meter search tool properly deals with double-clicks on meters in the grid
  • Addition of (Unknown) utility company for fuel oil, propane and wood delivery meters
  • Save button now enabled on all editors, even when required data is missing
  • Save button enabled on editors when no information has changed
  • Disconnected meters indicated as such in the meter list with strikethrough
  • Organization summary and site summary display only relavant fuel types in list
  • Space usage and special condition factors moved into relational data structure
  • Formalization of energy fuel sources, consumption units and their factors
  • Overlapping day adjustment in consumption calculations
  • LoadSitesSummaries method no longer being called twice upon load
  • Site Excel export now sorts by % change ratio
  • Site export fix to baseline carbon emissions
  • Enhanced stretching behaviors on all reporting screens
  • Standardization of selection and rollover colors
  • Standardization of baseline reporting in summary and report pages, use of most recent 12 months from each site

v2.1 (7/25/2010)

  • New Excel export capabilities for organization summary and site level data
  • New meter search mode for API/DNR integration
  • Import of DNR region 4 data
  • Introduction of 'Image ID' at the meter reading level. Linkage to PDF via API SOAP link
  • New privilege rights system. Four new privileges - API, DNR, Full Mode, Meter Search Mode
  • New field 'Region' added to organization level
  • New field 'Site Code' added to organization level
  • New field 'Consultant' added to organization level, included in organization Excel export
  • New field 'Group' added to site level, plus new lookup table for defined groups
  • Group editor added to site level, editable by DNR and API only
  • New field 'NonBuilding' added to site level
  • New field 'TankNumber' added to meter level, applicable to propane and fuel oil fuel types
  • New field 'DemandCharge' at meter reading level
  • Negative total dollar amounts allowed in meter editor
  • Address, city, state and zip fields added to vendor (utility company)
  • Data owner column added to organization Excel export
  • New DNR space types added to master space type list
  • Governer put on best 12 month function to ensure the return of no more than 12 months
  • Ability to select data owners in admin site via drop down list
  • Removal of prospect label from admin site

v2.0 (5/12/2010)

  • Descriptive error message now appears for enabled users with 0 sites. (Mark Sehr reported this bug). Prior versions resulted in a cryptic WCF error message.
  • Increased max message site from the default 64K. Addresses Brian Millberg’s problem of max message site exceeded. Correct in web.config.
  • Export to Excel is now properly functioning for non-TWGAdmin folks. Prior to this version, data owners had visibility to the ‘Export To Excel’ button, but no data actually made it out to Excel.
  • Bug fixed in the B3 Administrator which did not retain an ‘Export’ checkbox selection without an associated ‘View’ checked. The two checkboxes are synced now similar to the Edit/View checkbox behavior.
  • Export checkbox added to the organization editor in the B3 administrator
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